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Recent archaeological investigations suggest that the Marzemino’s original seeds come from the Caucasus. First, they stopped in the islands of Lefkada and Kefalonia and arrived in the Dolomites thanks to the Venetians. The vine has fond his habitat in Vallagarina around Rovereto – between Nomi, Volano, Isera, in particular.
Symphony wine as it is mentioned in Mozart’s famous “Don Giovanni”, in harmony with the region that cradles it.
The wine is a concentrate of fragrances of violet, plum and small fruits. Intense in its deep ruby ​​color, frank and precise on the palate.

grapes produced

40 thousand quintals

vineyard area

350 hectares

cultivation area


form of farming

Trentino pergola, guyot

service temperature

16 – 18°C

recommended combinations

corn and mushroom polenta, roast pork, cooked meats, vegetables, braised beef or veal, poultry on the spit; also excellent with fish, cod or trout.