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The only native white vine that has always been cultivated on the side hills of the Adige Valley and in the Valle dei Laghi where it is also used for the production of the traditional Vino Santo.
A white wine that amazes for its immediacy and versatility.
Nosiola, a name linked to the taste of hazelnut. In the traditional version it is precisely the scent (and flavor) of the unripe fruit of the wild stone, which emerges upon tasting. Simplicity never banal. Nosiola kissed by the wind that rises every day from the nearby Lake Garda, a breeze not surprisingly called “Ora”.

grapes produced

7/8 thousand quintals

vineyard area

70 hectares

cultivation area

Pressano - Valley of the Lakes

form of farming

Trentino pergola, guyot

service temperature


recommended combinations

lake or stream fish