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teroldego_uva-margherita pisoni



The Trentino’s prince wine, its presence has been attested in the Piana Rotaliana since 1300. The Council of Trento (1545-1563) was the first occasion in which Teroldego acquired international fame.
Today it is the symbolic wine of our province: the first varietal DOC recognized in Trentino with the nickname “Rotaliano” (1971) and undisputed pride for the local wine sector.
It finds an ideal house in the so-called Campo Rotaliano, north of Trento, a cone originating from alluvial sediments dragged downstream by the Noce stream, where it flows into the Adige.
For its red color, legend compares it to the color of dragon’s blood, a deep purple hue, one of the darkest in the world.
With the unmistakable scent of wild blackberry fruits, in harmony with the fragrance of blueberry, raspberry and violets, hints of mint essence at times balsamic.

grapes produced

65 thousand quintals

vineyard area

435 hectares

cultivation area

Piana Rotaliana

form of farming

Trentino pergola, guyot

service temperature


recommended combinations

with rustic dishes, snacks based on local cured meats, soups or intermediate dishes. If properly aged it is excellent for game banquets, roasted meats or with long-seasoned mountain cheeses.