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Trentino is one of the mountain wine-growing areas which offers unique wines, thanks to its geographic position, rich in diversity and readiness for environmental challenges, supported by a production group strongly linked to the territory,

The particular alpine morphology of the area has vineyards that are unraveling from the milder shore of Lake Garda, passing to the bottom of the valley and then climbing up to the steep slopes of the Dolomite. 

A mountain viticulture that extends over an area that amounts to more than 10,000 hectares, which includes very different climatic areas and soils, and about twenty vines that thrive between 200 and 1,000 meters above sea level.


A mild continental alpine climate with the Dolomites shielding the region from the cold northern winds and Lake Garda with its moderate influence. The ideal ingredients for harvesting quality and perfectly ripe grapes are: the strong temperature variations between day and night, an average temperature of 18 ° during the vegetative period, and the presence of frequent rainfall.



The identity of our wine process is based on our deep respect for our traditions. A precious wine made of simple things.

Wines that are telling life stories, and make you reflect not only on what is in the glass but also upstream of the glass, in the bottle, and in the cellar.




Centrally we find the Adige Valley with the Piana Rotaliana and the Vallagarina which follow each other from north to south along the course of the Adige river.

valle adige-piana rotaliana


Laterally, to the western side of Trentino, we find the Valle dei Laghi that winds along a path dotted with the presence of numerous bodies of water, the last of which is Lake Garda.

valle adige-piana rotaliana


On the other hand, on the eastern side of Trentino, we find the steep vineyards of the Cembra Valley which follows the last stretch traveled of the Avisio stream and further south the Valsugana where we are witnessing a significant recovery of quality viticulture.


The vineyard is the main source of wine’s quality, and this is why Trentino winemakers select which vine to plant in relation to the position and soil, because it is known that each variety gives its maximum in terms of aroma, taste and personality if placed in the best place.

The prevailing form of cultivation method is represented by the traditional “Trentino pergola”, however, during the renewal of vineyards, vertical wall cultivating systems are spreading (guyot, espalier …).

The cultivation methods follow principles of sustainability and low environmental impact, the vineyards are traditionally worked by hand, to the advantage not only of the quality of the wines but also of the protection of the landscape.


TRENTINO’S WINES: the union of passion and nature

VINI DEL TRENTINO: unione di passione e natura