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Coming from the Burgundy region, the vine was introduced in Trentino at the end of the 19th century, immediately finding its ideal habitat on the foothills.
It is one of the main grape varieties grown in the province of Trento, it represents about a third of the total grape production. Traditionally used both for sparkling wine with the classic method and for the production of still wines.
Easy and balanced wine, it has a beautiful white-straw color, with a fine and typical aroma and a characteristic flavor of Golden apple, slightly bitter, pleasant and elegantly persistent, with the right acidity and body.

grapes produced

360 thousand quintals

vineyard area

2.850 hectares

cultivation area

all of Trentino

form of farming

Trentino pergola, guyot

service temperature


recommended combinations

suitable as an aperitif, it is ideal with lean appetizers, sea fish, dry soups and in broth