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Is a historical French grape cultivated at the northern limit of the European wine-growing area.
In Trentino it is grown in relatively modest quantities. However, it is part of the provincial wine heritage. It is a vine that requires great commitment from both the winegrower and the oenologist.
The peculiarities of a typical, modern and captivating Pinot Noir conquer even the most demanding consumer.
Given the difficult environmental adaptability of the vine in Trentino it is grown only in a few particularly suitable areas. In addition to the production of still red wine, Pinot Noir (vinified in white or rosé) represents a fundamental constituent for the production of sparkling base wines.
Garnet red color, it has a pleasant, delicate, complex aroma, reminiscent of wild cherries and black currant.

grapes produced

20 thousand quintals

vineyard area

270 hectares

cultivation area

in the most suitable hilly areas

form of farming


service temperature


recommended combinations

mixed boiled meats and white meats