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At the Agricultural Institute of San Michele in 1948 researcher Rebo Rigotti genetic crossed the Merlot with Teroldego, and Rebo was born, an excellent red wine, which combines the gentleness of the typical aromas of Teroldego, the robustness and the sustained body of the Merlot. Even in its youth, Trentino DOC Rebo can fully express its organoleptic characteristics, tolerates moderate aging in the bottle.
This wine has a bright and brilliant ruby ​​red color with purple hues, full-bodied and with a high concentration of anthocyanins.

grapes produced

4 thousand quintals

vineyard area

45 hectares

cultivation area

throughout Trentino

form of farming

Trentino pergola, guyot

service temperature


recommended combinations

mutton, lamb chops, red meats such as grilled rib of beef or entrecote