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5826 Trentino winemakers have obtained the SQNPI quality certification because of their delicious grapes and the excellent work of an integrated and sustainable production.

From the earth to the vine, from the grapes to your glasses. Today, the best of Trentino, with a guaranteed quality.

Trentino’s wines and sustainability, your opinion improves us!

Trentino’s Wine Protection Consortium has decided to undertake a process of continuous improvement that responds to the latest trends in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability, starting with by drafting its first Sustainability Report. A strategical refinement process was initiated through the involvement of its stakeholders and through an online questionnaire.

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The SQNPI certification

What is the Integrated Production National Quality System?

The SQNPI certifies that the agricultural and agro-industrial products are obtained in compliance with the integrated production standard. Defining integrated production as “the agri-food production system that uses all the production means and agricultural defense to protect from adversity, and is aimed at minimizing the use of synthetic chemicals and rationalizing fertilization, in compliance with ecological principles, economic and toxicological “. In this way, the system guarantees the final product quality is higher than the current one.



The Consorzio Vini del Trentino has joined the SQNPI in the name and on behalf of its winegrowing members and verifies compliance with the requirements of integrated production by all members through field checks and related analyzes.
Due to the great attention given to the region
The Consorzio Vini del Trentino has led to the certification of:

certified winegrowers
cantine sociali
cantine private
campioni di uva/foglie analizzati

The SQNPI certification​

The stages of the certification process

Companies can voluntarily join the SQNPI both individually and in partnership.

CSQA Trentino Wines Consortium has chosen Certificazioni di Thiene (VI) as the control body (ODC) to certify its winegrowers

For the wine sector the Consorzio Vini del Trentino is commissioned by the Autonomous Province of Trento to prepare and manage regulations for the integrated production.

The self-control plan is defined and managed by the Consortium and provides control and documents for 100% of its members. Also, on samples companies executes multiresidue grape analyzes. The TOE then carries out the third-party checks required by the control plan.

The SQNPI provides the possibility of limiting the checks to the cultivation phase only. The certification obtained by the winemakers associated with the Trentino Wines Consortium is for the wine grapes.

After wine grapes are certified, the wineries will be able to continue the certification also for the wine product, obtaining the possibility of using the distinctive mark.


TRENTINO’S WINES: union of passion and nature


VINI DEL TRENTINO: unione di passione e natura