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Vinitaly 2023: Trentino Wine Consortium coordinates Trentino stand

55 Companies and 7 territory’s authorities in 1800 square meters area

President Patton: “The true protagonists remain the great producing realities and the small winegrowers who constitute the Trentino offer’s quality hodgepodge

Ass. Zanotelli: “The challenges for viticulture in the mountains? The fight against plant diseases and the hydro-saving”


Trento, March, 29th 2023 – The Trentino Wine Consortium, together with the Trentino Marketing and the Trento Independent Province’s support, will coordinate stand 3, dedicated to Trentino at Vinitaly 2023, in 1800 square meters set-up area in which 55 producers and 7 territory’s authorities have been confirmed and will be coordinated in the institutional area.


Trentino’s wine and territory’s marketing is presented in all its components, both productive and institutional. This is a greedy occasion for the public and the professional visitors to get to know and taste the numerous references available in the stand.

Beside the wine excellences both still and sparkling, it will also be possible to taste Trentino’s spirits – firstly grappa – which will be present at the Trentino Grappa Protection Institute, which, since 2022, stipulated an operative convention for the products’ strategic promotion.

Vinitaly has been representing for years a national wine product’s display in the world and it is a fundamental promotional and communication moment for all producers.


“For the Italian wine world – Trentino Wine Consortium President, Pietro Patton says – Vinitaly represents a fundamental appointment, it is a display of the Italian excellences towards the world. This year as well, the Trentino wine is coordinated by the Consortium and is presented in the best way in the stand 3. Besides the Trento Independent Province’s institutional participation with Trentino Marketing, Trentodoc institution, E. Mach Foundation and the Trento Chamber of Commerce, together with the Consortium itself, the true protagonists remain the great producing realities and the small winegrowers who constitute the Trentino offer’s quality hodgepodge”.


“The Trentino wine sector – as Giulia Zanotelli, Trentino’s Agricultural Council Member, underlines – is present at the 55° Vinitaly Edition, an international appointment for the wine sector, with a few strengths points: the constant effort to obtain high-quality productions, the offer’s richness and a communication that values the relationship between territory, culture and hospitality, also through highly appreciated events such as the Trentodoc Festival, organized last year in October. Among producers and public decision-makers, there is the awareness of the challenges that the mountain viticulture has ahead of itself, starting from the plant diseases fight and the investments, only to arrive today to a necessary and appropriate attention to the hydro-saving topic. In this sector, Trentino is well aware of being able to count on the valid support of a research and innovation team at the service of the territory’s needs, with which a tight alliance must be renewed in order to be favorable to a well-balanced development”.

In addition to the producers’ booths, the stand will also hold 7 territory’s authorities coordinated in the institutional area:


To reserve interviews or book appointments in the stand: